Let’s Talk Shampoo Bars


Did you know that liquid shampoo is 70-80% water? We're conditioned to think shampoo only comes in liquid form. Hey, good shampoo for your hair type (that’s right, we’ve got you covered) doesn’t have to come in liquid or plastic. 

Shampoo and conditioner bars are concentrated because they aren’t made with water. And, at first glance, they may seem expensive. But remember, these bars should last you as long as three plastic bottles worth of your liquid shampoo. 

Brand depending, many shampoo formulas can actually dry out your scalp, lead to product build-up or even clog pores. It can also disrupt the balance of your natural oils – your scalp might appreciate a swap.  

It’s also important to know, if you aren’t using natural shampoo currently, you could be releasing tons of chemicals not only through your drain, but into your body through your skin, and then the bloodstream. No no no no, we don’t want that … right!? 

Two reasons to make the switch:  

  1. The health of your hair (and body systems)
  2. The harm it causes our environment (Shampoo packaging is a huge problem!)

Shampoo bars can provide you with a clean, non-toxic hair wash, but you may also want to consider your carbon footprint. The water in regular shampoos make it a heavier product to ship. The bars are made to utilize the water in your shower to produce a lather instead of being made with water. 

Zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bars eliminate plastic waste! Remember, most of these bottles, even with that recyclable stamp are still not getting recycled, they end up being dumped in our landfills or end up in our oceans and harming wildlife. Plastic takes more time to decompose then your entire existence on this planet! So, let’s start saying no to plastic. 

Oh and hey, they are so simple to use: 

  • Simply wet your hair, wet the bar and either later in your hands or your hair.  
  • Massage through your hair like any other shampoo and rinse.  
  • Repeat process with conditioner bar. You can leave the conditioner in your hair for up to 15 minutes. 

Keep bar dry between uses. Done and done! 

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