My Zero Waste Bathroom Routine

Every year Canadians throw away 3 million tons of plastic and only 9% of it gets recycled. Not cool!  A lot of those plastics can be found in the bathroom. But, there are some easy swaps you can make as you become more aware of your plastic use and what you are throwing away!

 Here are some of the changes I have made in the Loo:  


1.       Toothbrush

This is a big one, but an easy switch. Swap plastic for bamboo. What I love about the bamboo brushes are:  

a) Not nearly as much paste is leftover on the brush handle. You know when you use a plastic toothbrush, and you must constantly clean the toothpaste off it because it gets so gross! On bamboo it just washes away.

b) You can COMPOST the toothbrush! How badass is that!? Do not forget to grab pliers and pull out the bristles before doing so. 


2.       Toothpaste

I have recently changed my paste to the tablets (the mint looking toothpaste). Easy breezy, no hassle and the packaging is compostable. Chew, wet toothbrush & brush.


3.       Facewash & moisturizer

I have been using oils for a while now. I find oils are the best for nourishing your skin and avoiding stripping your skins natural oils or disrupting its microbiome. Currently I am in LOVE with Fresh Face by Wildgold Botanicals. First, I rinse my face with warm water, I like to use a wash cloth and in a circular motions I massage the oil into the skin. Lastly, I rinse my face with cool water.

For moisturizer, I am using Liquid Gold which is available in the shop as well. You can also use oils like jojoba, coconut oil to make it simple. After washing your face, simply apply oil in an upward motion. I like to use a jade roller in the evenings to help  give my face a little massage to destress. 

*Both of these come in glass bottles.


4.       Deodorant

I've been using 2 brands of deodorant that come in glass jars, those were Veggie Witch & Routine (local brands). I am now trying out a new one that I got for the shop that comes in compostable packaging. Review to come!  The store will have a couple more available, one which comes in a bar because I love all things that come in bars! Any other suggestions?


5.       Shampoo and conditioner bars

No plastic bottle, easy to use, lasts forever (about the length of 3 bottles) AND they are easy to travel with...when that day finally comes! 

*Salon grade & PH Balanced


6.       Safety Razors

My favorite switch so far!  I never thought that shaving in the shower could feel sexy!  It is an experience.

Did you know that women in the 50’s were using safety razors? Until manufacturers discovered how cheap and easy plastic was. Along with marketing that convinced us that more blades were better. Try out what the women in the 50’s knew and you will never go back!


7.       Exfoliating

Exfoliating is so important because it gets rid of dead skin cells leaving you with glowing skin.

a.       I have been using a DIY coffee scrub for my body that I love (Future post!).

b.       As for my face, you will find a konjac sponge in my shower. What's a konjac sponge? I didn’t know until recently, and it is fabulous.  It is a vegetable root that grows in Asia that is a gentle cleanser and exfoliator (Available in shop).


8.       Body Lotion

In our climate we need to nourish our skin from the outside as well to keep it hydrated. 

a.       I usually use body oils such as jojoba and coconut oil. I am now trying the one Routine carries which I am very fond of, which is now available in the shop.

b.       Or, I use a lotion bar. Have you heard of a lotion bar?

Check back soon, I will be talking a little more about that!


What have your changes been? Or what will be your first swap? 

Let me know your questions or comments below. Also, share the post if you found  the post interesting and helpful.

Not wasted,













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